MIELE Trailer 02-2017 by PADDOCK Distribution

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PADDOCK Distribution is glad to advert its Miele trailer delivered in 2017.

The attached photos are from our latest build in 2017.

MIELE Trailer is a versatile product, converting from racing transport to Mobil home. Whatever your needs are, there is a solution with the MIELE Trailer.

Serial configuration of a MIELE trailer:

Lift Dhollandia 3000 Kg with battery and charger

2 windows

1 lateral door with integrated stairs

Lockers underneath the trailer

Starting price for a MIELE Trailer empty inside: 94.500,00€ exclusive VAT

Available options and prices:

2nd floor adjustable 10m: 11.500€ exclusive VAT

2nd floor adjustable 13m: 13.500€ exclusive VAT

Lighting system: 3.830€ exclusive VAT

Fixation system: load lok: 75€ exclusive VAT per meter

Awning: 13.950€ exclusive VAT

Lighting system for the awning: 4.250€ exclusive VAT

Those pictures are promotional pictures. Would you be interested in something similar, contact us and we'll gladly give you more information or a quotation.

We remain at your disposal.

Best regards,

Silvano Caira
Worldwide Sales Manager
PADDOCK Distribution

PADDOCK Distribution / Belgium / contact: Mr Silvano Caira / Tél.: +32 475 644 933 / /

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